Build Brand & Drive Visibility
Publish your authors under your own branded organization page - and get them visibility with more event organizers and media.

Leverage Valuable Content
Personify your authors through video, slides, and their publications with our YouTube™,Vimeo™, SlideShare™ & Amazon™ integrations.

Free Up Busy Authors
Receive powerful agent capabilities that allow you to assign internal or external individuals to manage speaking inquiries on behalf of busy authors.

Enhance Your Website
Build your own speakers page with our easy web integration.  With our "dynamic widget"  technology, you can embed sample Speakerfile profiles into your website with a simple "cut and paste."

Showcase Your Authors
Display their unique talents with detailed individual profiles.  Syndicate your profiles through, SEO, and on your own organization's website.

Organizational Control
Designed for organizations, access an easy to use admin dashboard that provides access to all users, as well as administrative functions.

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Jason Allen Ashlock
President - Movable Type Management, New York

Through our intuitive online software and expert marketplace, Speakerfile helps publishers profile their authors and connect to qualified event organizers, media, and business contacts. With an extensive global network, Speakerfile helps generate meaningful connections for authors every day.

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“The ROI on Speakerfile for us is the equivalent of having an extra staff member on our team."

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"Speakerfile is flipping the event world on it's head by allowing authors like me to get in front of new audiences and empowering event organizers to find the best talent for 

their events."

C.C. Chapman  |  Author and Entrepreneur, Boston, MA

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